Doll clothes rack


This was a commissioned project–our pastor’s wife saw a clothes carrier for American Girl dolls online somewhere, and sent me a photo, asking if I could make something similar for her (a gift for her granddaughter). Looked easy enough, so I took the photo, modeled the thing in SketchUp, and built it in a couple of evenings. The beauty thing was that she wanted it unfinished, so she could paint it herself. Since finishing is my least favorite part of woodworking, this was like the ideal commissioned project.



13 thoughts on “Doll clothes rack

  1. I love this! You mentioned in a post on a wood building site. A jig for hangers?? Is there any way you would share that? My niece got a doll for Christmas and now I am trying to help her with clothing and I want to help build her some furniture also. She thinks I can do anything. . . . I will tell her when she is older that I can’t do everything!! I made her a picnic table from Ana She has a lot of plans and makes it easy for first timers like me!
    You make some wonderful things!!


  2. LeAnn:

    Thanks! You must have seen my project post on As it turned out, the client (my pastor’s wife) found a cheap source for ready-made hangers and didn’t need the hanger-bending jig. I didn’t photograph it, but it would be easy to make one for yourself. I began by making a prototype hanger, just bending some wire with pliers to the approximate shape needed. Then I traced it onto paper and figured out where the major bends needed to be, and approximately what radius. This became my drilling guide for the jig. Next step was to lay out the locations of the bending pins on a small piece of 3/4″ plywood (around 8 or 10 inches square). I drilled shallow 3/4″ holes (3/8″ deep) at the pin locations, cut pieces of dowel about 1.5″ long and glued them into the holes.

    At the top of the jig (where the twist and hanger hook are formed) I placed a triangular block instead of a round bending pin, and at the apex of the triangle, the mounting block was cut off, so that I would have plenty of room to twist the wire and bend the hook. Not sure if I described that well, but if you think about the process of making the hanger, you’ll see what I mean.

    Good luck, and thanks for looking at my project!

  3. I’ve looked high and low for a simple but attractive doll clothing rack design and finally came across this! It’s wonderful in its simplicity and style. I’m sure I can work up a plan once I have the supplies, but I was wondering if you’d be willing to share the approx height/length/width (looks about 18″x18″x6″ to me)? Thanks! I’ll post pics and a link back on my blog when it’s done : )

  4. Could you please email me a Jpeg of your sketch up drawing also.. We plan to make one for a spring break project!!!

  5. This is really lovely, Doug. Stunning, in fact. Would you be willing to email me the sketch with basic dimensions as well? I would love to make this for my daughter.

  6. This is really adorable. Could I get you to email me the sketch and dimensions. I would love to make this for my granddaughter.

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