More on the bathroom project

As proof that I really am working on this project, and really making progress, albeit little by little, I offer the following photographs:

Post-demolition yard art: most of my bathroom sits at the curb awaiting the trash collector
The void where the toilet once sat, leaking. I cut out a sizable chunk of subfloor and underlayment, and later reinforced the area around the toilet flange with 2×8 bracing.
Drywall removed from where the old vanity was–there was ceramic tile all over the place, and the existing drywall was pretty messed up. I eventually removed all of the drywall to the ceiling, because I had to do some wiring. Much of this has been replaced, except where the plumber needs access. The new vanity will go in this space.
The old cast-iron tub is shown at right; this had to be broken up with a sledge hammer and carried out in pieces. The short partition wall at the head of the tub encased the plumbing for the tub (which had no shower). I am adding a shower wall to the new tub (see below).
This is the framing for the new partition wall that will encase the plumbing for the shower. I bought a good-quality acrylic tub/shower set to replace the old cast-iron tub. It hasn’t been installed yet.

Since these photos were taken, I’ve also installed a ceiling ventilation fan, and I’ve installed 1/4″ luan underlayment on the floor, which will be the base for vinyl tile.  I’ve also moved the location of an electrical box in the ceiling, to relocate where a ceiling light fixture will be, and I’ve done a fair amount of drywall patching associated with that process.

What’s left:

  • Finish some initial drywall patching
  • Install tub and shower surround
  • Build the vanity and install it
  • Do additional drywall patching after the tub/shower are installed
  • Lay vinyl floor tiles
  • Install the toilet
  • Paint
  • Install towel racks, shower curtain rod, light fixtures, etc.

I’m hiring a plumber to help with the tub/shower install and the vanity sink plumbing.  I’ll probably do the toilet myself.

Little by little, progress is being made.  We began this project in the middle of March.  My hope is that it’s done before the middle of July.


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