So how much stuff have I made so far?

The other day I was cleaning up my shop (something I spend a lot of time doing, given that I don’t have a dust collection system) and I began to think about all the things I’ve made just since I set up my own shop, which led me to thinking about all of the things I’ve made in my dad’s shop over the years.  So I decided to try to make a list of every wooden thing I have made, going back as far as I can remember.

  • Bunk beds (maple) for our daughters (maybe 20 years ago)
  • Various bookcases and bookshelves, mostly pine and plywood
  • A maple plant stand/telephone table/side table
  • A 19″ rack for my rack-mountable recording and audio gear
  • A toolbox for my brother, from Woodsmith plans, with box joints, red oak
  • A scroll-sawn wooden puzzle for one of my daughters, complete with a wooden box with sliding lid
  • More picture frames than I can ever hope to remember
  • A frame for a wine-cork trivet kind of thing (red oak and walnut)
  • A cutting board (maple and walnut)
  • At least three quilt racks (pine)
  • A small printer table (scraps and pallet wood)
  • A baby crib (maple)
  • A changing table/dresser (maple and maple plywood)
  • Three box-joint jigs
  • A miter-spline cutting jig
  • A crosscut sled
  • A thin strip-ripping jig
  • A set of walnut candle holders
  • A small fake electric guitar for my son (when he was six)
  • A whole bunch of small boxes (red oak, walnut, aspen, mahogany, figured maple, etc.)
  • A tool cabinet
  • A finishing supplies cabinet
  • Stands for my planer, drill press and bandsaw
  • My workbench
  • A tool tote for my wife’s hobby tools (pine)
  • A bench-top router table
  • A kitchen cabinet

I wish I had pictures of everything I’ve made over the years–but much of this stuff was made long before digital photography made snapping a picture so easy and inexpensive.  (A lot of this stuff was given away, but some photos do exist–I just need to find them.) It may not seem like a very impressive list to some, but that’s just the stuff I can remember off the top of my head (and my memory isn’t what it used to be).  I’m guessing this list represents maybe half of the stuff I’ve made over the years, and the remarkable thing is that I somehow found the time to do all of this work, mostly in my dad’s shop, mostly on the occasional evening or weekend, while married, raising kids and working on a career, being active in my church, and other hobby pursuits.

The difference, now that I have my own shop in my garage, is that now I am able to do more than an occasional evening or weekend–I’m pretty much out there for at least an hour (sometimes more) almost every  day.

I’m loving this.


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