Still more progress

My newly-completed tool cabinet

I am perilously close to being able to actually start building furniture or boxes or picture frames or other stuff that isn’t for the shop itself–today I finished a tool cabinet that I’ve been planning since the first day I even considered putting a wood shop in my little one-car garage.  It’s not a big deal–in fact, it’s not that big–46 inches wide and 35 inches high.  And it’s not fancy, but I put six drawers in it, along with the pegboard (doors for the top section might be added at some point, too).  Aside from one set of little plastic parts drawers, there was only one drawer in my shop before I made this thing, so it’s great to have places to put little things.  And it allowed me to clean off a workbench surface that was previously used to pile hand tools on.

I bought the pegboard (and one of those pegboard hook assortments) and a little lumber, but I used a lot of recycled/reclaimed wood in this project, too, which kept the cost pretty low.

My lovely wife gave me a whole bunch of clamps for Christmas this year, and wouldn’t you know it–I ran out of clamps while gluing up the six drawers I made for the tool cabinet.  I guess it really is true: you never have enough clamps.

Overview of the shop

I hung this thing on the wall using a French cleat, which probably wasn’t necessary, because I doubt I’ll be moving it to another location in the shop (there isn’t another location).  But I like the simplicity of the French cleat system, and since I’d never used one before, I just wanted to try it.  And it works great.

A big thanks to my lovely bride of 27 years for her support in making this happen.


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