The walls are done!

Tonight I took advantage of some warmer weather (highs around 40 this afternoon) to finish up the insulation and paneling work in my garage–it’s done!  I still need to do some trim work around the window and back door, and the back door needs some work (planing, weather-stripping, painting).  The garage door could use a little work, too–mostly some new weatherstripping.

I still need to install some overhead lighting–I’ve got a couple of fluorescent fixtures ready to go up, but I’ve got to borrow a stepladder to do that work.

I got rid of a couple of nasty shelving units and took another load of “hazardous household waste” stuff to the county disposal facility, which means that little by little, I’m claiming more and more floor space.  Soon there will be enough room to actually set up and use my table saw, which still languishes in its carton(s).

The weather is supposed to stay nice for a few more days, so I’m hopeful that I’ll get a head-start on making my workbench base soon.

I hope your winter is going well.


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