A warm snap gets me a little closer

About a week ago we had an unusually warm spell for January in Kansas, with temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s (this week it’s been more like the 20s), so I took advantage of a couple of warm days and finished up all of the wiring, put up the insulation, and put up the OSB panels in my garage.  I wasn’t able to get it completely done before the cold weather set in again, but all that’s left to do is the area surrounding the garage door.

I had my dad come over to “supervise” while I installed the circuit breakers in the new sub-panel,  hooked up all the wiring, and turned on the power for the first time.  No sparks, no blown breakers.  I checked all of the outlets with one of those little outlet checkers that lights up a certain combination of lights if everything is wired properly, and every outlet checked out just fine, including the 240-volt outlet I installed for the table saw.

The insulation went up in about four hours, and the bulk of the OSB paneling took another four or five hours, even with all the measuring and cutting I had to do for the outlets and the window.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of photos during the construction process–I was pretty focused on getting the work done.  I’ll post a couple of shots of the almost-finished work soon.

Recent project update:

The baby crib I made for my new granddaughter this past fall had some issues when I took it over to my daughter’s house and assembled it.  The end panels are joined to the front and back panels with connecting bolts that screw into steel cross-dowels in the end panels, and the maple-veneer plywood I used for the main parts of those panels was so soft that the cross-dowels pulled through the plys and essentially ruined the end panels.  So I’m in the process of replacing those panel elements with solid maple.  With some luck, I’ll be done with this project before my granddaughter is too big to sleep in the crib!


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