Gift box

Every year in my extended family we do a gift exchange game, where everyone brings a gift (cost not to exceed $10).  We draw numbers, the person who gets #1 chooses a gift from the pile and opens it.  The person who draws #2 can (a) open another gift from the pile or (b) steal the gift from person #1, and so on.  Once an item has been “stolen” three times, it can’t be stolen again.  This year my contribution was a small oak keepsake box, and it must have been a hit, because it was stolen three times.  My sister-in-law ended up with it, which was appropriate, because a few years ago I made an oak tool box for my brother (her husband) that she really liked, using the same construction techniques.

The Box is about 3.75″ x 3.75″ x 5.75″, just big enough to hold a deck of 3×5 cards inside–I figured someone might want to use it as a recipe box or something.

It’s made of quarter-inch-thick oak that I got from Home Depot, and the corners are box joints I made on my dad’s table saw using a box joint jig I made from a Woodsmith article years ago.  I made a small handle for the lid from a scrap of walnut I found lying around in my dad’s shop.  I finished it with a couple of coats of polyurethane over a wiped-on golden oak stain.

I have a standing order to make another one for my other brother-in-law, from whom this one was stolen during our gift exchange…with any luck, I’ll soon be able to make that one on my own saw, which is still languishing in its shipping carton in my unfinished garage.  It’s been too cold to do much out there the past few days, and I’ve been way too busy with Christmas preparations and other work, anyway.  But I’m hopeful that soon I’ll be completing the transformation of my garage into a wood shop.

My lovely wife blessed me with a big heavy box of stuff for Christmas–an assortment of bar clamps, a woodworking vise, and a bunch of other odds and ends to help me get started making things.  I love that girl.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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