Setting up shop

This is a blog about my experiences in setting up a new woodworking shop in my garage.  I’m not a new woodworker–for many years I’ve had the luxury of having pretty much 24×7 access to my dad’s shop, only about five minutes away from my house, so I’ve been making things with wood for a long time.  I’ve loved working alongside my dad, and almost everything I know about woodworking I learned from him.  And it’s going to be a long time before my shop is as fully-equipped as his, so I expect I’ll still be there from time to time, but the time has come for me to begin setting up a shop of my own.

That said, I’m far from an expert woodworker, and I’ve got a lot to learn.  Using my dad’s shop has given me a lot of practical experience using the tools he has, and I’ve learned a few things along the way about what I like and don’t like about various tools, for example, but until now, there are many kinds of decisions I just haven’t had to make, because, well, it was my dad’s shop.   I’m doing my best to learn what I need to know about what tools to purchase for my shop, and how to organize and set things up, and where to set my priorities.

I decided to blog about this because I’ve gleaned so much useful information from other woodworkers’ blogs, and I thought perhaps it might be helpful to someone else to see how I approach this stuff from a practical standpoint.  My mistakes and missteps along the way might be useful in helping someone else avoid wasting time or money or both.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures (or misadventures) along the way, and I hope this is useful to you.  If so, please leave a comment on the blog, or shoot me an e-mail.


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