Rediscovering the library

It’s been a few years since I spent much time in our local public library, but when I began pursuing the wood-shop-in-my-garage idea, I decided to see if maybe there were good books I could find there that might be helpful.  As it turns out, my local library is a treasure trove of information about woodworking and setting up a shop.  And it’s free!

In the last three weeks I’ve been there three different times, and each time I’ve come home with five or ten books to peruse (a much better way to spend the few spare hours I have at the end of the day than watching television, I guarantee you).  I’ve checked out a wide variety of books on subjects like how to use table saws and routers, how to make small boxes, various types of wood joinery, how to set up a wood shop, how to do electrical wiring, and more.

Books like these are full of great tips, projects and ideas for how to organize things in your shop.  As I skim through them I have been keeping pages of notes on projects I might want to tackle, shop organization tips, jigs I might need to make, and more.  At some point I may find books that I decide I really need to own, in which case I’ll add those to my Amazon wish list.

Our local library is excellent, and I can keep these books for several weeks at a time.  There are even a few instructional DVDs on woodworking topics.

The library isn’t the only place I’m finding great information about woodworking and shop topics–next time I’ll share some of the Internet-based resources that I’ve been using, as well.  But if you haven’t been to your local library in a while, go get that library card renewed and take advantage of it!


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