Internet woodworkers

I’m a long-time user of the Internet–I worked professionally in the area of education and research networking for many years.  But since I began to pursue the dream of building a wood shop in my garage, I’ve begun to benefit from another facet of the Internet community that I really hadn’t seen much before: the woodworkers on the ‘net.  They are many, and they are active, and they freely share their expertise and opinions in a wide variety of ways.

Through blogs, podcasts, discussion forums and videos, thousands of woodworkers are using the Internet both to learn more for themselves and to share what they’ve learned with others.  Regardless of skill level or specific woodworking interests, there are plenty of great resources on the ‘net for those of us who love to work with wood.

One of the first woodworking blogs I spent much time with in my woodwork-related Internet wanderings was The Wood Whisperer–Marc Spagnuolo is a professional woodworker whose blog is rich with information, photographs and video content, and it’s first-class, all the way.  Marc has built quite an impressive Web presence, and his blog and videos are informative and entertaining (and very well-done).  For a fee, you can join the Wood Whisperer Guild, Marc’s virtual woodworking school, and obtain even more great video instruction, individual assistance, discounts on woodworking-related products and more.

Another blog I’m enjoying is Matt’s Basement Workshop–Matt Vanderlist is a woodworker like most of us (with a day job), and his Spoken Wood Podcast is helpful and enjoyable.  Another plus is Matt’s regular “schwag” giveaway, where reader/listeners can win all sorts of free stuff from time to time.

Marc and Matt also do an audio podcast together: Woodtalk Online.  I just started listening to this one, and haven’t made it to the current episode yet, but I’ve really enjoyed hearing these two guys talk about woodworking and help listeners with questions.

There are many different woodworking forums out there–the one that seems to be the favorite hang-out for a lot of people is the Lumberjocks forum.  At the moment, they aren’t accepting any more registrations–they say they’ll start again this month–but you can still search for topics and read lots of people’s opinions about a very broad variety of woodworking topics.

Since I just started this blog, I haven’t had much time to develop the list of links in the blogroll section yet, but check back now and then–I’ll be adding links to some of the stuff I like to read (or watch or listen to) most often.


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